Right to Change is a grass roots political party established by Joan collins TD.

Our movement seeks a fairer, more equal Ireland that benefits all of the people rather than a select few. We have a Right to Change from the following.

  • Ireland is now the most unequal country in the European Union.
  • More than ten percent of people suffer from food poverty;
  • 1,100 children are living in emergency accommodation;
  • Lone parents – who are the most deprived group in the State with 63% already experiencing material deprivation  – are having their supports cut;
  • 36 percent of children experience multiple deprivation;
  • 40 families are becoming homeless every month;
  • 300,000 have emigrated since the current government took power;
  • Hundreds of thousands are still in search of a job;
  • We have the second highest prevelance of low pay in the entire OECD;
  • We have the second highest prevelance of under-employment in the EU15.
  • We have record numbers of people (600) waiting on trolleys in our underfunded public hospitals; and
  • 470,000 people have nothing left to spend after all bills are paid and 1.7 million say they have less than €100 to spend after all essential bills have been paid.

Meanwhile, the number of millionaires in Ireland has increased from 16,000 in 2008* to 91,000 in 2014**. Our government gave a €405m tax cut to the top 20 percent of earners while expecting pensioners, lone-parents, low-paid workers and those already living in poverty to pay water charges worth approximately €300m. Austerity, it seems, is only for some!

We believe the decisions being made by politicians in the Dail are not representative of the will of the people. We believe the people of Ireland are entitled to and deserve better than what’s currently being imposed on them. We want to have an honest debate about a vision for Ireland and to establish whether there is a way to deliver a fairer, more equal society based on the principles of equality, democracy and social justice.

The Right2Water campaign has been the largest mobilisation of people power in the history of the State. This mobilisation came about because progressive political parties, trade unions and community groups all worked closely together in opposition to unfair water charges.

This mobilisation has shown that if we can work together with mutual respect and focus on what unites us rather than what divides us we are a much more powerful voice and we can shape the future of Ireland delivering a real Republic. One that fulfils the promise of cherishing all of the children of the nation equally.

If you believe you have a Right2Change this country from one built on the principles of corruption, cronyism, inequality and greed to one built on the principles of equality, democracy and social justice, then join the debate and let’s change this country for the better.

* Merrill Lynch 

** Credit Suisse