Our dysfunctional healthcare system·

As a Healthcare Worker I have thought at length that those of us health sector workers in the HSE had or have little in common with the NHS. But, on reflection, this is wrong.
We actually have lots in common when one looks at the bigger picture. Staff Shortages, Subcontracting the services, to eventually end in privatisation, is common.
The management and organising of contact tracing and vaccine roll out have failed miserably in Ireland and did too for a long time in the NHS. This is a failure of our Governments and persons at the top of HSE and NHS in the highest paid category.
Healthcare staff have shown a professional approach and resilience during Covid that has to be recognised and rewarded with more than applause and a sweetener of a public sector pay proposal
.In this regard the first increase 1% will not be paid until next October, however Government TDS have just received another increase in their salary.

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