Eat or heat?

Public meeting
Cost of living crisisCommunity must organise

What can we do?
We will need to organise in our communities and work places in the same
way we did against the Water Charges . Major protests and actions is the
only way this Goverement will listen.
Ireland’s cost of living is spiralling out of control – from rip-off rents to
the weekly shop emptying our pockets, inflation is rampant. And guess
what, a few crumbs thrown to us by the government isn’t really going to
The CSO says the worst affected are unsurprisingly – people on
lower-incomes, older people and people in rural areas. But make no
mistake, it’s hitting all working people too, especially families with kids.
We need robust action to tackle inflation – including a rent freeze, we
should ban vulture fund landlords, we need our unions to fight for a
livingwage – because the way things are going, we simply can’t afford to
Come to the meeting in the Village Inn on Tuesday 8th to discuss how to
protect and improve our living standards.
Joan collins TD. Cllr Pat Dunne. Cllr Sophie
You can contact Joan, Pat or Sophie at our
constituency office at 10A Old County Road.
Phone 4540085/6

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